Learn why understanding and applying rugby tackling drills will improve your team's tackling and make it safer for your players. These guys play without a helmet...crazy.  Excellent video.

The 40 Yard Dash


This is the combine drill that's separates the men from the boys. The 40 yard dash is what every scouts shows up to see. Every skill player is hoping to run a time between 4.4 to 4.6 seconds. For pee wee football players keep in mind these times are your long term goal.

The keys to achieve these times are as follows:

1. Your start. An explosion off the line is your goal.

2. Your form. Good running form and running a straight line helps

    to maximum your speed.

3. Your finish. Running through the finish line ensures you're still 

    at top speed when you finish your run.

3 Cone L Drill

Like the 40 yard dash start in a three point stance. Touch the line at the middle cone with one hand and return to the starting cone touching that line with the same hand. Sprint around the middle cone and figure 8 around the far cone. Turn quickly around the middle cone and finish through the starting line.

20 Yard Shuttle Drill

Known as the 5-10-5 drill, the 20 yard shuttle drill test the athlete's lateral quickness. From a three point stance the athlete explodes to his right for 5 yards and touches the line with right hand. The athlete then turns to his left and explodes for 10 yards touching the line with his left hand. The athlete turns back to his right and finishes through the line 5 yards away.